Neuroscientists have recently developed ways to detect consciousness in patients with severe brain injury who show little or no outward sign of consciousness. These new methods raise a host of questions for scientists, philosophers, lawyers, ethicists and medical practitioners.
Join us for the workshop “Finding Consciousness” to discuss these interdisciplinary issues. Talks by:

Jeffrey Baker, MD, PhD · Timothy Bayne, PhD
James Bernat, MD · Arlene Davis, JD, RN
Ken Diviney · Nita Farahany, JD, PhD
Manuel Fontes, MD · Jack Gallant, PhD
Katherine Grichnik, MD, MS · Valerie Gray Hardcastle, PhD
Jennifer Hawkins, PhD · Lynn McGugan-Clark ACNP, MSN
Adrian Owen, PhD · Richard Payne, MD
Nicholas Schiff, MD · Caroline Schnakers, PhD

Continuing medical education (CME) credit information

Oak Ridge Associated Universities • Kenan Institute for Ethics • Duke Department of Philosophy

Duke University